(6-6) at (10-2)
1pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 72°, Dome
Streak: New York won the last meeting
All-Time Series: New York leads, 20-10
Line: New York by 2½
Skinny: Jalen Hurts against Russ Wilson looked to be a major edge for New York earlier this year. Not so much now. It ought to be a high-scoring and close affair as the Lynx aim to be the first team in 12 years to finish with 12 wins; gotta get through D.C. first. The Dinos can qualify for the playoffs if they can win out.
Dr. K sez:
Lynx 30, Dinosaurs 27
(6-6) at (6-6)
8pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 75°, Clear
Streak: South Bend won the last 3 meetings
All-Time Series: South Bend leads, 18-15
Line: South Bend by 1½
Skinny: South Bend could clinch their first Central Division crown since 2010 win a win here and some help, which would be the first for head coach Brandon Blaylock. The Scraps are fully stacked heading into this one and Christian McCaffrey is firing on all cylinders. The Mafia will need a big day by C.J. Stroud to counter.
Dr. K sez:
Scraps 27, Mafia 25
(6-6) at (7-5)
4pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 35°, Wintry Mix
Streak: Chicago won the last meeting
All-Time Series: Chicago leads, 31-28-1
Line: Missouri by 1½
Skinny: A win over Missouri would give the Ravens the clear track to the finish line in the West Division. They are certainly relishing in the fact that Josh Allen will be riding the pine this week. However, Chicago also has a contingent of players who will be joining him, but on the opposite sideline. It'll be tight.
Dr. K sez:
Peregrines 24, Ravens 23
(6-6) at (5-7)
1pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 42°, Rain
Streak: Arkdale won the last 4 meetings
All-Time Series: Arkdale leads, 19-14-2
Line: Arkdale by 1½
Skinny: Flint will get the same media attention that the Detroit Lions did last season; if they can put together a full season with Hall, Robinson, and Edwards, the Wheelers could be the team to beat in 2024. But, they'll need to show off that rizz now to stay alive in 2023. The Aardvarks get the slight edge in this one.
Dr. K sez:
Aardvarks 26, Wheelers 25
(6-6) at (5-7)
4pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 42°, Rain
Streak: Pittsburgh won the last meeting
All-Time Series: Pittsburgh leads, 30-14-1
Line: Pittsburgh by 1½
Skinny: Both are still alive, but both are clinging on by a thread. Even with a win, other puzzle pieces could cause both to be looking toward next season after Sunday. Speaking of, both are missing pieces, which will most likely keep the scoring way down. Might Bryce Young get a boost this week and lead the Spears?
Dr. K sez:
Spears 18, Cougars 17
(5-7) at (4-8)
1pm ESPN8
Gametime forecast: 80°, Mostly Cloudy
Streak: Ann Arbor won the last 4 meetings
All-Time Series: Ann Arbor leads, 16-13
Line: Orlando by 1½
Skinny: Orlando has been the first team eliminated, so now they get to play the role of spoiler. There couldn't be a more poetic script for the Oracles here than the ability to knock off the Super Bowl Champions and keep them from defending their crown. Both are packing huge backfields to face off in the rivalry.
Dr. K sez:
Aces 24, Oracles 23

New York

10- 2
6- 6
6- 6
5- 7
South Bend
Ann Arbor

6- 6
6- 6
5- 7
4- 8

7- 5
6- 6
6- 6
5- 7

Current 2023 Regular Season MFL Statistics

2023 MFL Primer - Most Recent Edition

Lynx become second franchise to reach 200 wins
With Dion Mawhorter at the helm and Adam Stephens in the presidential suite, the New York Lynx became the second MFL member club to reach the 200-win plateau. Overall, the franchise is 200-175-11 in 26 seasons in the league. Next on the list is Missouri, which currently sits at 197 wins, followed by Chicago with 190. Pittsburgh hit the magic 200 mark nearly 3 years ago to the day and rests at 223 currently to lead all clubs.

Mawhorter becomes MFL's winningest coach
In the midst of his 23rd season as head coach in the MFL, Dion Mawhorter has eclipsed Drew Kuespert as the winningest coach in MFL history. While it's certainly possible for Kuespert to reclaim the title later, it's certainly of note that Mawhorter was able to wrest the title away in two less seasons and in 30 fewer contests. Mawhorter's overall record now sits at 189-143-5, while Kuespert is at 188-175-4. With a 7-1 mark, two games better than any other MFL club, his Lynx are in prime position to go deep into the playoffs and possibly capture the Super Bowl XXVI title, which would be Mawhorter's 4th, should he be able to pull it off.

Kuespert relishes in new minor sponsor
Commissioner Drew Kuespert hastily called a press conference on Saturday morning to detail "a thrilling" and "exciting development that will bring the MFL into the present" in the financial universe. As puzzled cameramen fumbled to get their shot of this announcement, Kuespert could barely contain his excitement: "Folks, the MFL is partnering with FTX as a minority sponsor of our Super Bowl XXVI Halftime Show. We just couldn't believe it when we found out that we could get their name on our product for such a low initial investment." Kuespert went on to say that "Dion [Mawhorter] called me and said that he met this guy in a Miami-area hotel swimming pool...Trigg, I think he said his name was. Whatever. Anyway, Trigg told him that if the MFL just gave him 3 'coinbits?'...'bitscash'?...or something, we were in for the sponsorship. He actually set up my digital wallet for me, so that's a blessing since I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing." When questioned as to why the league would pay for sponsorship when sponsorships are supposed to pay the league, Kuespert stated the "it was Dion who actually closed the deal. He said we'd get a whole '.02 Etherium' back after he took his commission; totally understandable. Strange that Trigg sounded a lot like Dave Wills over the phone...so weird!"

WR Chase becomes the first Orlando receiver with 3 TDs
In 15 seasons of play, the Orlando Oracles have never had a receiver with 3 touchdown catches. That is, until this past Sunday, when WR Ja'Marr Chase snagged three touchdowns in their loss at Canton. Twenty-three times previously, Orlando had receivers with 2 receiving scores. Many date back to the early days of the franchise and include Tony Gonzalez ('13), Jacquizz Rodgers ('13), Marques Colston ('11), Roy Williams ('10), Derrick Mason ('09), and Chris Cooley ('09). No more. Now Chase reigns supreme at the top of the list.

RB Chubb released after gruesome injury
For the second time in his career, RB Nick Chubb suffered a gruesome knee injury that will end his season. However, the D.C. Dinosaurs, realizing that Chubb may never return to football, decided to cut him now and open up a roster spot for a future signing. D.C. will still be on the hook for his $5.7 million salary in 2023, but that will come off the books immediately after the conclusion of the Super Bowl. He is currently a free agent.

Spears cut RB Dobbins, make MFL history
It wasn't how Pittsburgh envisioned utilizing RB J.K. Dobbins this year. But, after yet another season-ending injury, the Spears have elected to part ways with him rather than have him ride the pine. Pittsburgh will still be on the hook for Dobbins' $4.84 million salary in 2023, setting an MFL record for the highest-salaried player cut midseason. While Dobbins will enter auction because of his Top 100 ESPN ranking (pre-injury, of course), it is very possible that his career is over. The auction will begin on Wednesday at noon and end at 12:01pm on Friday.

ESPN8 pulls off 11th-hour miracle to remain MFL media king
After a protracted back-and-forth battle with babyfirst tv for media rights to the MFL, ESPN8 came out on top with a final offer that topped the upstart cable network and secured The Ocho for another 15 years. At press time, the deal with undisclosed, but unnamed sources close to the front office indicated that there was a "sweet 2014 Polaris UTV and a couple of neat-o comic books" may have been part of the compensation package to Commissioner Drew Kuespert.

Week 1
September 7-11
Canton 10, New York 34
Pittsburgh 27, D.C. 18
Orlando 27, Ann Arbor 34
Miami 14, South Bend 34
Flint 12, Arkdale 20
Chicago 19, Missouri 17

Week 8
October 26-30
Missouri 24, Canton 25
D.C. 29, Arkdale 12
Orlando 33, Pittsburgh 18
South Bend 43, Flint 39
Ann Arbor 20, New York 28
Chicago 9, Miami 20

Week 2
September 14-18
South Bend 19, D.C. 21
Canton 27, Miami 23
Flint 7, Chicago 29
Pittsburgh 29, Ann Arbor 23
New York 49, Orlando 21
Missouri 13, Arkdale 20

Week 9
November 2-6
Canton 19, South Bend 32
Pittsburgh 12, Missouri 31
D.C. 17, Flint 33
Miami 38, New York 37
Arkdale 9, Orlando 31
Ann Arbor 28, Chicago 13
Byes: Denver, Detroit,
San Francisco, Jacksonville
Week 3
September 21-25
D.C. 36, Missouri 17
South Bend 25, Orlando 18
Arkdale 23, New York 40
Flint 25, Pittsburgh 42
Chicago 25, Canton 15
Ann Arbor 20, Miami 11

Week 10
November 9-13
Missouri 29, Miami 27
South Bend 12, Pittsburgh 32
New York 21, Chicago 11
Ann Arbor 23, D.C. 29
Flint 37, Orlando 33
Canton 16, Arkdale 35
Byes: Kansas City, LA Rams,
Miami, Philadelphia
Week 4
September 28-October 2
Ann Arbor 43, South Bend 42 (OT)
Arkdale 17, Chicago 59
Orlando 33, D.C. 11
Canton 16, Pittsburgh 27
Miami 22, Flint 7
Missouri 22, New York 23 (OT)

Week 11
November 16-20
Chicago 29, D.C. 25
Missouri 21, Orlando 20
New York 24, South Bend 17
Miami 32, Pittsburgh 20
Flint 31, Canton 25
Arkdale 24, Ann Arbor 9
Byes: Atlanta, Indianapolis,
New England, New Orleans
Week 5
October 5-9
Ann Arbor 23, Missouri 22
New York 20, Flint 29
Pittsburgh 25, Arkdale 21
Orlando 19, Canton 21
D.C. 33, Miami 13
Chicago 19, South Bend 31

Week 12
November 23-27
Chicago 39, Flint 37
Arkdale 6, Missouri 31
Orlando 20, Miami 34
South Bend 25, Ann Arbor 22
D.C. 23, Pittsburgh 17
New York 49, Canton 17

Week 6
October 12-16
Orlando 16, Chicago 11
D.C. 8, Canton 23
South Bend 18, Missouri 25
Miami 13, Arkdale 19
Pittsburgh 17, New York 39
Flint 24, Ann Arbor 23 (OT)
Byes: Green Bay,
Week 13
November 30-December 4
Missouri at Chicago
Arkdale at Flint
Ann Arbor at Orlando
Pittsburgh at Canton
South Bend at Miami
D.C. at New York
Byes: Buffalo, Las Vegas, Chicago,
Minnesota, NY Giants, Baltimore
Week 7
October 19-23
New York 19, D.C. 14
Canton 11, Ann Arbor 10
Pittsburgh 15, Chicago 21
Miami 52, Orlando 34
Arkdale 28, South Bend 24
Missouri 37, Flint 11
Byes: Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston
Tennessee, Carolina, NY Jets
Week 14
December 7-11
Chicago at Arkdale
Flint at Missouri
New York at Pittsburgh
Mismi at Ann Arbor
Orlando at South Bend
Canton at D.C.
Byes: Arizona,
Week 15
December 14-18
MFL Play-In Game
Wild Card #2 at Wild Card #1
(The best second-place team earns the #1 spot. The team with the next best record earns the #2 spot.)
Week 16
December 21-25
MFL Divisional Playoffs
#4 seed* at New York Lynx (10-2)
#3 seed* at Second-best Division Champion
*The team with the better regular-season record between the Play-In Winner
and the worst Division Champ earns the #3 Seed.
Week 17
December 28-January 1, 2024
at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.
Divisional Playoff Winner vs. Divisional Playoff Winner


Phase II of Player Releases
Owners may release players to make more cap room or to make roster spots, including players who retired.

2023 MFL Draft at Scoobies, Mishawaka, Indiana.
Start Time: 2:00pm

Salary & Roster Deadline (Cut Day)
Teams must keep payroll at or under $20 million and roster size at 19 players or under. Players cut after the deadline will still count against the cap.
Deadline: 9:59pm.

Regular and Post-Season

MFL Kickoff Weekend
Weekly starters must submitted via the MFL on ESPN before each respective player's kickoff time.

MFL Trade Deadline
No trades allowed after 9:59pm until the end of the season.

MFL Free Agent & Waiving Deadline
IR Reclamation Deadline
No further player movement after 9:59pm until the end of the season.
(Injury replacement signings not included)


Week Fourteen, the final week of the regular season.

at Washington, DC


Phase I of Player Releases begins immediately following conclusion of the Super Bowl.
Player salaries increase by 20% (30% for Super Bowl Champs) requiring clubs to commence player cuts during Phase I in order to keep team salaries under $20 million.
Deadline for all cuts is 9:59pm ET.