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8- 6
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Ann Arbor
South Bend

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10- 4
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2022 Regular Season MFL Statistics

2022 MFL Primer - Most Recent Edition

Commissioner unveils 2023 MFL schedule
After three years with nearly the same schedule, Commissioner Drew Kuespert released the slate for the upcoming 2023 season. The Super Bowl Champion Ann Arbor Aces will host the Orlando Oracles in primetime for their season opener to receive their rings and will have a tough late-season stretch as they face D.C. and Arkdale in back-to-back weeks. Full schedule grid (click for enlargement):

Parizek, Hurts, Walker claim MFL Awards
The 2022 MFL Award winners have been chosen! Justin Parizek won MFL Coach of the Year honors for his fantastic season with Ann Arbor. The Aces went 10-4, then kept winning and took the Super Bowl XXV Title. The COY adds to his ever-increasing hardware mantle piece. Jalen Hurts of New York was handed the MFL Most Valuable Player Award for his amazing season. Hurts scored 128 points, this highest total in the league in 5 years. His points came mostly from 22 touchdown passes and 10 rushing scores, making him only the second double-double player and the first 20-10 player in league history. Finally, the Rookie of the Year was granted to Pittsburgh's Kenneth Walker III. His 7 rushing scores were achieved in only 7 starts in 2022.

Six earn top statistical awards
As the 2022 regular season comes to a close, six players claim scoring awards in four categories. The 2022 MFL Passing Champion is Arkdale's Patrick Mahomes with 33 touchdowns. The Aardvark wins his second title to match his 2018 trophy where he also had 33 TDs. The Rushing Title will be awarded to both Nick Chubb of D.C. and Chicago's Jamaal Williams. Each scored 12 times on the ground. It's the first award for both. Arkdale's Travis Kelce and Canton's Davante Adams will each get the Receiving Trophy with 12 TDs apiece. For Adams, it's his second receiving title. Finally, Jalen Hurts led New York to the Scoring Title with 128 points for the year, the most point scored since 2017. He also finished with the first 10-10 season (10 passing & 10 rushing TDs) since 2011 (Cam Newton) and the first-ever 20-10 season in MFL History: 22 passing TDs and 10 rushing TDs.

Top seven draft spots are set
The 2023 MFL Draft is nearly nine months away, but for five teams, the top seven spots in Round One are set, giving them lots of homework over the offseason. Flint will have the top pick in the draft for the second straight year and the Wheelers have already had a two-week head start on their draft plans. By way of their loss, Orlando nabs the No. 2 pick. D.C. will have the #3 and #4 picks after trades from Chicago and Miami, respectively, give them back-to-back high picks. Pittsburgh gets the 5, Missouri the 6, and D.C. rounds out the Top Seven after securing South Bend's pick previously.

Orlando reaches 100 losses
The Orlando Oracles have reached their first franchise milestone, but it's not the one that they were hoping for: 100 losses. However, there is good news on the horizon. Orlando is very close to hitting the 100-win mark, so stay tuned as it's most likely to also happen during the 2022 campaign.

Kelce's record knocks off some Varks from the past
Travis Kelce's MFL-record tying 4 receiving touchdowns caused quite a stir and also sent some club record holders packing. The Aardvarks last has a receiver catch 3 touchdowns in 2008, fourteen years ago, which is quite amazing considering the franchise's successes in recent memory. That feat was done by Laveranues Coles at Iowa in Week Four of that season. Marques Colston caught 3 in Week 8 of 2007 vs. Canton, which Reggie Wayne caught his trio almost exactly one year earlier against Dowagiac at home in 2006. The first Varks receiver to ever catch three touchdown passes was Santana Moss at home against Canton in Week 9 of 2003, nineteen years ago.

babyfirst tv vies to dethrone ESPN8 in media rights battle
An upstart cable & satellite franchise, babyfirst tv, has stepped up to challenge 25-year media champion of the Mishawaka Football League, ESPN8, The Ocho. There's never been a threat to the dominance of The Mother Ship until fairly recently. Many owners, behind closed doors, have suggested that the idea of sticking with the stalwart network could actually hurt the MFL brand as The Ocho continues to go "all in" on their 2005-era ESPN The Phone flip-phone device as the only mobile service to bring action to the fans. Meanwhile, babyfirst tv laid out a clear vision to introduce "a revolutionary product" that would, through a subscription, attach a 4K screen to diaper bag straps, allowing infants immediate access to any and all MFL content, including live games. One owner said off-the-record that "getting them hooked early will only enhance and increase the longevity and viability of the MFL name." In addition, the offer of $112 for all rights comes in far above what owners and Commissioner Drew Kuespert even thought possible. "It's hard to pass up," said Kuespert as he left the negotiations table at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago. ESPN8's rights terminate after Super Bowl XXV; they currently are paid $56 and 3 cartons of smokes by the MFL for the rights to broadcast.

Stuckey put on Injured Reserve
Arkdale Aardvarks owner/head coach/third-string custodian Josh Stuckey is on the mend after he sustained a torn calf muscle in a pick-up basketball game this week. He will spend the next few weeks recovering. The team issued a statement in which they "wished Coach Stuckey well" in his recovery efforts, but they also chastized him for "involving [himself] in an athletic activity outside of the practice, in violation of [his] contract". The letter, signed by Josh Stuckey, docks him $100,000 in pay for his grave error. Coach Josh Stuckey was not available for comment at press time, according to team publicist Josh Stuckey. The MFL extends their well-wishes to Stuckey for a speedy recovery. The other 11 member clubs in solidarity for the injury-stricken coach asked "Will you trade me Mahomes now?"

Week 1
September 8-12
New York 10, Canton 18
Orlando 14, Miami 31
Missouri 31, Arkdale 32 (OT)
Pittsburgh 22, D.C. 11
Ann Arbor 23, South Bend 17
Flint 5, Chicago 25

Week 8
October 27-31
Flint 25, New York 32
South Bend 36, Canton 21
Miami 10, D.C. 50
Chicago 54, Pittsburgh 36
Orlando 21, Arkdale 20
Missouri 15, Ann Arbor 17
Byes: Kansas City,
L.A. Chargers
Week 2
September 15-19
Canton 26, Flint 31
D.C. 41, New York 31
Missouri 23, Pittsburgh 32
Ann Arbor 21, Miami 13
South Bend 15, Arkdale 22
Chicago 25, Orlando 22

Week 9
November 3-7
Arkdale 26, Flint 13
New York 31, Missouri 44
D.C. 27, Chicago 22
Miami 15, Canton 51
Ann Arbor 24, Pittsburgh 28
South Bend 16, Orlando 23
Byes: Cleveland, Dallas, San Francisco,
N.Y. Giants, Pittsburgh, Denver
Week 3
September 22-26
D.C. 29, South Bend 16
New York 33, Ann Arbor 9
Canton 43, Chicago 14
Miami 16, Missouri 31
Orlando 10, Flint 26
Arkdale 20, Pittsburgh 21

Week 10
November 10-14
Pittsburgh 15, South Bend 31
Missouri 5, D.C. 42
New York 24, Arkdale 27
Canton 30, Orlando 13
Flint 15, Miami 30
Chicago 24, Ann Arbor 25 (OT)
Byes: Baltimore, Cincinnati,
New England, N.Y. Jets
Week 4
September 29-October 3
Orlando 32, New York 15
Chicago 29, Missouri 38
Miami 17, South Bend 34
Ann Arbor 26, Canton 23
Pittsburgh 31, Flint 23
Arkdale 24, D.C. 21

Week 11
November 17-21
Missouri 34, South Bend 3
Chicago 58, New York 21
D.C. 25, Orlando 19
Ann Arbor 23, Flint 18
Pittsburgh 11, Miami 22
Arkdale 30, Canton 19
Byes: Jacksonville, Seattle,
Miami, Tampa Bay
Week 5
October 6-10
Canton 28, Pittsburgh 14
Arkdale 30, Chicago 29
New York 35, Miami 23
D.C. 27, Ann Arbor 19
Orlando 45, Missouri 32
Flint 21, South Bend 24

Week 12
November 24-28
Chicago 23, Arkdale 32
Miami 27, Ann Arbor 29
New York 19, D.C. 16
Flint 23, Missouri 31
Orlando 40, South Bend 29
Pittsburgh 23, Canton 29

Week 6
October 13-17
Miami 16, Chicago 15 (OT)
Missouri 16, Flint 30
Ann Arbor 32, Arkdale 20
Pittsburgh 21, Orlando 14
Canton 14, D.C. 24
South Bend 23, New York 24
Byes: Detroit, Houston,
Las Vegas, Tennessee
Week 13
December 1-5
Miami 20, Orlando 19 (OT)
South Bend 24, Ann Arbor 8
Missouri 24, Chicago 21
Flint 23, Arkdale 30
Canton 25, New York 49
D.C. 33, Pittsburgh 18
Byes: Arizona,
Week 7
October 20-24
Orlando 27, Ann Arbor 35
New York 22, Pittsburgh 15
Arkdale 18, Miami 20
Canton 17, Missouri 14
South Bend 40, Chicago 9
Flint 23, D.C. 33
Byes: Buffalo, L.A. Rams,
Minnesota, Philadelphia
Week 14
December 8-12
Chicago 27, Flint 5
South Bend 27, Miami 5
D.C. 15, Canton 22
Arkdale 40, Missouri 34
Ann Arbor 27, Orlando 24
Pittsburgh 16, New York 37
Byes: Atlanta, Indianapolis, Green Bay,
Chicago, New Orleans, Washington
Week 15
December 15-19
MFL Play-In Game
Canton Cougars 12, New York Lynx 28
Week 16
December 22-26
MFL Divisional Playoffs
Ann Arbor Aces 35, Arkdale Aardvarks 32
New York Lynx 18, D.C. Dinosaurs 33
Week 17
December 29-January 2, 2023
at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois
Ann Arbor Aces 28, D.C. Dinosaurs 18


Phase II of Player Releases
Owners may release players to make more cap room or to make roster spots, including players who retired.

2022 MFL Draft at Scoobies, Mishawaka, Indiana.
Start Time: 2:00pm

Salary & Roster Deadline (Cut Day)
Teams must keep payroll at or under $20 million and roster size at 19 players or under. Players cut after the deadline will still count against the cap.
Deadline: 9:59pm.

Regular and Post-Season

MFL Kickoff Weekend
Weekly starters must submitted via the MFL on ESPN before each respective player's kickoff time.

MFL Trade Deadline
No trades allowed after 9:59pm until the end of the season.

MFL Free Agent & Waiving Deadline
IR Reclamation Deadline
No further player movement after 9:59pm until the end of the season.
(Injury replacement signings not included)


Week Fourteen, the final week of the regular season.

At Chicago, IL


Phase I of Player Releases begins immediately following conclusion of the Super Bowl.
Player salaries increase by 20% (30% for Super Bowl Champs) requiring clubs to commence player cuts during Phase I in order to keep team salaries under $20 million.
Deadline for all cuts is 9:59pm ET.